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Totfi is an American-based company that designs and produces eco-friendly toys. The brand was founded by Galina Parker, who believed that children deserve to play with quality toys that are made from natural materials and without toxic chemicals. All wooden toys are made from eco-friendly timber, providing each toy with a beautiful and unique texture and pattern. Most toys are produced in the United States of America with the help of our artisans. Totfi believes that children's toys need to mean something. That playing with quality toys made from eco-friendly materials is not just fun, but also beneficial to everybody: child, parent, Earth and community.   

Let’s play together!

Galina's Story
Parent and Montessori Advocate
Galina has been working in e-commerce business, launching and running various projects for over 10 years prior to the birth of her baby...  But when Galina's little baby girl was born, it was obvious that from now on, this was her most important project; and its laying right here, in her arms. Since then she started researching and learning about different approaches and methods in kids learning and development. This is how she discovered Montessori method and it really resonated with her. Especially she liked the idea of kids playing with unique toys made of natural materials. She always thought that there is something magical in natural wood and the way it looks and feels (and not ends on in the landfill for decades). 
She searched online for such toys to buy for her baby but could not come with a lot of options that fit the criteria..  So she launched Totfi! ;) 
Whats and Whys of the Montessori Method of Teaching
All Our Toys are Inspired by Montessori Method
The Montessori Method nurtures order, concentration, and independence in children. It's encouraging natural curiosity and love of learning which carries on to their adult life. The Montessori method was developed by Maria Montessori over a century ago. And it has been proven itself to nurture and grow strong and capable individuals decade after decade. 
Maria Montessori believed that education also had an important role in achieving world peace. 
The Montessori method emphasizes that natural materials are healthy, safe and enjoyable for children. 
Why We Insist on NO Harmful Chemicals, Dyes or Polishes on our Toys!
The Closer to the Nature the Better
Montessori method emphasizes that natural materials are more healthy, safe and more enjoyable for children. Wood offers variety of different patterns and textures, and it has a better "feel" than plastics.  
While there are many wooden toys available on the market, it is nearly impossible to find those that do not use chemicals in manufacturing. We feel like that it most cases it's really unnecessary to use them to create good  toys. Not only dyes could be harmful to a baby, they also not good for the environment.   
Welcoming a New Generation of 'Better' Made In USA Toys!
Source Local to Support our Community
Some of the best quality made products are made right here, in the United States! We are happy to support our community and strive to source and manufacture only in the USA 
Everyone gets a chance to Grow with Us - Our Artisans, Our Nature & Our Kids
We believe in Fair Trade and Sustainable Development
Our raw materials are sourced from the finest sources. We take the time to learn where our raw materials come from and how the product was made, and even who made it. Many of our products are made by local artisans and family businesses who share the same values that we are.  
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